Do you want to participate? - ACS Holiday Shopping Card

Do you want to participate?

Interested in participating in the Holiday Shopping Card?

The Holiday Shopping Card, which will be held this year from October 21, 2021 through October 31, 2021, is an event that will benefit both you and the American Cancer Society. By participating in this premiere fundraising event, you will be enhancing your brand image and increasing community engagement, but most importantly, your location will be listed in the Holiday Shopping Card directory for the thousands of cardholders who can take advantage of your offer and visit your location.

Over the past 24 years, the women of VICTORY, a volunteer fundraising branch of the American Cancer Society, along with retailers, restaurants and sponsors have raised more than $17.9 million through the Holiday Shopping Card program to help in the fight against cancer.

How does the program work?
Merchants sell The Holiday Shopping Card for a $75.00 minimum donation to American Cancer Society, and offer a 20% discount on regular-priced merchandise (exclusions may apply) at their place of business during our 11-day event. Once purchased, the card is accepted by participating retailers and restaurants just like you. Just prior to the event, a VICTORY member will deliver the cards as well as promotional material directly to your location. There are no minimum card sales required.

Sign up is easy
Sign up online at Just click on the link “Become a Retailer”. Once approved, your benefits begin immediately with your listing on The Holiday Shopping Card website with a direct link back to your website. For a listing of additional benefits, go to:

Make sure your listing stands out
For a $250.00 donation, your store is highlighted in teal on both the website and the printed directory which draws customer attention to your listing.

SKU processing may be for you
You will be able to reduce your paperwork by opting to process The Holiday Shopping Card sales using a SKU through your register.

Thank you again for joining us in our fight against cancer! If you have any questions, please email us or call 713.266.2205.