Leadership - ACS Holiday Shopping Card

The 2021 Holiday Shopping Card Chairs

Dear Friends:


It is indeed an honor and privilege to Chair the 2021 Holiday Shopping Card for VICTORY! In this uncertain time, the American Cancer Society needs our support more than ever. In addition, it is imperative that we encourage others to Shop Local in order to assist our favorite establishments as they strive to recover from the harsh impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cancer does not ever take a break; neither must we. Many Houstonians have had to endure extremely difficult times throughout the past year. Thousands of others have had to deal with the burden of cancer alongside these unprecedented events. The American Cancer Society exists in order to make cancer easier to battle by providing patient resources, services and funding research. This mission never stops, nor do the members of VICTORY.


This year, we have chosen to honor long-time member Linda Gregg Fields who lost her battle with cancer recently. We were blessed to know her and continue the fight to avoid losing another friend to the ravages of this disease.


Please choose to join us in 2021 as a merchant, purchaser, sponsor, or donor. All efforts are greatly appreciated and will be recognized throughout our great city and surrounding areas. Let’s unite as a team to show cancer that we cannot and will not stop in our quest of bringing health to all!


We remain TEXAS strong-
Mary Ann Baxter, Diane Watson Cain, Anita Fogtman
Chairs of the 2021 Holiday Shopping Card


Photo Credit : Alexander’s Fine Portrait Design