Our Honoree - ACS Holiday Shopping Card

2019 Holiday Shopping Card Honors

The McNair Family

The McNair family, through its charitable foundation, The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation, is focused on enhancing the quality of life for those diagnosed with cancer, while seeking a cure. Janice McNair and her late husband Bob, co-chaired the American Cancer Society’s $30 million capital campaign for Hope Lodge Houston. Through their service, the McNairs joined forces with the American Cancer Society in their commitment to save lives and relieve suffering by providing no-cost lodging and support for patients traveling to the world-renowned Texas Medical Center for cancer treatment. The McNair family generously supported the Hope Lodge Houston campaign through gifts of more than $5.1 million and excitedly await the Lodge’s grand opening in 2020.


The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation also funds the recruitment to Houston of McNair Scholars who are pursuing scientific discoveries in the areas of breast, pancreatic and squamous cell cancers. The McNair family thanks the American Cancer Society and the tireless VICTORY volunteers who are diligently fighting with them to cure the cancer that took their beloved “Popa Bob” in 2018.