Maximize Your Participation - ACS Holiday Shopping Card

Maximize Your Participation in The Holiday Shopping Card

Thanks so very much for your commitment to and enthusiasm around The Holiday Shopping Card. To help drive Card sales as well as generate traffic and revenue for your store, you may want to consider the following ideas shared by other long-term supporters.

The Holiday Shopping Card Logo

Incorporate The Holiday Shopping Card logo in your marketing materials during the month of October.  To access marketing assets including the logo, visit and look under the “Merchant Resources” section.

Email Blasts and Direct Mail

Distributing e-blasts or a direct mail postcard is a great way to let customers know you are participating in The Card.

  • Prior to October 21: As you receive your packets of Cards in advance of the shopping period, an e-blast or eye-catching direct mail piece can be sent to generate advance awareness so that
    customers can begin planning their shopping!
  • During the event dates (October 21 – October 31): You can send a Holiday Shopping Card reminder along with suggestions of a few “hot” holiday items customers can purchase with their Card.
    Social Media

Don’t forget to tag #hschouston when you post to your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Special Event or “Block Parties”

Many stores have had success with hosting parties within their stores. Or, you can collaborate with other participating stores next to you to coordinate a block party.


We encourage you to prominently display the marketing materials that we provide including the poster, tent cards and shopping bag with colorful tissue – these items help draw awareness while customers are
in-store. Additionally, you may want to consider, displaying pink and teal balloons, painting The Holiday Shopping Card logo on your window, or creating window clings.

“Did You You?” Information Cards

New this year, we have included an information card that sales associates can reference, while sharing with customers. The educational card includes such information as how the dollars raised make a direct
impact in the lives of those with cancer, and general facts about The Card.