SKU Use Agreement - ACS Holiday Shopping Card

SKU Use Agreement Form

We look forward to partnering with you on the upcoming 2021 Holiday Shopping Card! This form is for merchants who have already signed up to participate in the Holiday Shopping Card but has decided to change from NON-SKU to SKU.  If you have not yet become a participating retailer, click to become a retailer.

As a consideration for processing Holiday Shopping Card sales, we offer the ability to use SKU processing.

This process will help keep sensitive customer information, including credit card information,secureand removes the possibility of sales associates writing and collecting incorrect information.

Merchant Participant SKU Process Requirements

Participant agrees to setup a nonmerchandise SKU titled “The Holiday Shopping Card” to prompt associates to input the $75 sale amount of The Card.The Holiday Shopping Card sales will be processed through the Retailer’s point of sale system.

“The Holiday Shopping Card” and the $75 charge will appear as a line item on purchaser’s receipt, EXCLUDING sales tax.Participant will use this SKU to process all Holiday Shopping Card sales and any donations above the $75 amount.

Participant is responsible for credit card processing/handling fees.

Participant agrees to remit a report detailing all Holiday Shopping Card sales and payment for total funds collected through the Retailer’s point of sale system to the American Cancer Society c/o The Holiday Shopping Card within 30 days of the event completion.

A volunteer will pickup all unsold Holiday Shopping Cards and marketing materials beginning the week of November 1, 2021.Final Payment of Total Donations to the American Cancer SocietyAt the end of The Holiday Shopping Card program (Sunday, October 31, 2021),a total will be calculated by Merchant’s accounting department for all payments made to The Holiday Shopping Card SKU, in each participating Merchant store.

Within 30 days of the completion of the HSC event, check will be issued by Merchant to the American Cancer Society for the total amount of SKU Card sales and any additional donations, and the check will be sent to the American Cancer Society c/o The Holiday Shopping Card.

MerchantwillalsosupplytheAmericanCancerSocietyadetailedreportshowingthenumberofCards sold. This report will be cross referenced with the number of Holiday Shopping Cards that Merchant received to ensure that all sold and unsold Cards are accounted for.

SKU Use Agreement 2020

Use this agreement to pursue the option of processing The Holiday Shopping Card sales using a SKU.